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How can I get involved?

Our opportunities and experiences are what makes the Michael Caines Academy a unique experience for the most passionate and ambitious hospitality and catering students.

Could you offer information, equipment or experience to help us to nurture the future generation of talented restaurateurs, chefs, restaurant managers, waiters and front of house?

Are you part of a catering or hospitality organisation? Could your own experiences or a visit to your facilities give an insight into the wide variety of opportunities available in the industry? Could they learn new skills or discover more about the value of different approaches to catering and hospitality practices?

We are looking for:

  • Experts to give talks or demonstrations to our students at our Exeter College facilities
  • Visits, tours and unique experiences on location at your premises
  • Masterclasses in specific methods of catering that could add value to their repertoire

Could you offer a Michael Canes Academy student a placement in your restaurant, hotel or kitchens? Can you provide a high- class experience in food preparation and cooking or food service and front of house?

We are looking for:

  • 5-6 week full-time placements between April and June (dates to be confirmed)
  • Accommodation provided (not always necessary)
  • Supervised activity, where students are treated as part of the staff. A risk assessment will need to be carried out and health and safety and safeguarding requirements met.

Would you like to invest in the future of the hospitality and catering industry?

We are looking for:

  • Investment in the Academy to support the cost of visits, experiences and resources for our students
  • High quality materials and resources to ensure our students are working with high quality, industry-standard equipment

To find out more about our current partners click here.

What does your partnership mean?

  • Our partners' logos are featured n all promotional materials including the website, displays, letterhead and leaflets.
  • Our dedicated Partners section of the website profiles your involvement in the Academy
  • Partners are invited to a variety of events, including our annual celebration, where Michael Caines MBE prepares food with the students for their family and our partners and contributors.
  • We endeavour to highlight the involvement of our partners in all publicity generated by the Michael Caines Academy.

Find out more

To discuss any of these opportunities, please complete our contact form.